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Moddifi App

Change Everything

Customers view and change selections, fixtures, and more in YOUR homes in 3D!

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More About Moddifi

How it works

Customers want to see what a home could look like before they buy. The Moddifi app allows them to use their smart phone, tablet, or computer to design their perfect home with YOUR FLOOR PLAN, YOUR SELECTIONS, YOUR FIXTURES, and much more. Then they can contact you to get it built.

Our Value

With Moddifi, we expect to help you sell more new construction than ever before. Its easy to use interface and custom visualization capabilities will set you apart.

Enable your salespeople and selections specialists to do more with less, to work smarter, not harder. Additional proprietary features will enhance other key parts of the home sales process.


We believe that we can increase your home sales dramatically, improve work speed for selections specialists, salespeople, and more.

But… we also understand that getting into new tech can be daunting. That's why we don’t charge like you might think. Our success depends on your success.

Learn more about our pricing with a Full Feature Demo / Discovery session

Full Feature Demo / Discovery Session

When you book a discovery session with us, we show you a full feature demo so you can see how Moddifi will benefit your business. You can book your discovery session below.

There is no obligation to buy when you book a discovery session. So why wait? Get started with Moddifi and… change everything...

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